WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — A Belgian Malinois is the breed of dog featured in the new movie “Dog,” with actor Channing Tatum. The Malinois is creating buzz on the internet and social media because this particular dog is built for the sole purpose of herding and guarding.  

In the movie, three different Belgian Malinoises were used while filming the movie. And some dog experts are voicing their concerns about whether pet lovers may want one for themselves.

Photos courtesy of Julia Bober, Owner, Black Cobra K9

According to dog expert Julia Bober, who is both a Belgian Malinois breeder and a trainer, says she is very familiar with this kind of canine. Bober owns Black Cobra K9 in Carrollton, Ohio and offers some advice on the farm dog that was developed in the 1800’s to work all day.

Julia Bober with one of her Belgian Malinois (photo courtesy of Julia Bober)

“It can really create some situations that people aren’t ready to handle and that’s why if you really do want one of these dogs, you have to do your homework. You have to find a reputable breeder or rescue and you need to be prepared to have a lifestyle, a lifestyle that kind of matches this breed.”

Julia Bober, Owner, Black Cobra K9

Bober says the Malinois has a natural ability to hunt and there is a biting potential for this kind of breed. She also adds they don’t like fast movement or high pitched sounds.

She encourages anyone who is interested in bringing a Malinois home that you get the dog properly trained and also recommends talking to the trainer about taking your new pet in public.

The Belgian Malinois is often trained for police and military work, and there are many of these dogs working as K9s in law enforcement in the Ohio Valley.

To see these working dogs in action, you can check out Bober’s YouTube channel.