PENNSYLVANIA (WTRF) — Senior, Izayah Bojanac, at Westminster College was cast in the haunting Netflix thriller, “The Pale Blue Eye,” according to a report by WHTM.

They set the scene at the campus of West Point Military Academy, built in the 1800s, because of it’s old architecture and open spaces. The story is based on Edgar Allen Poe’s fictitious story, and it isn’t ironic that he attend West Point.

Bojanac who graduated in 2019 from Central Dauphin High School, told reporters the movie’s plot is powerful. The cast includes Harry Melling (of Harry Potter), Christian Bale, Robert Duvall and Gillian Anderson.

The company put out a casting call in the community and many on campus turned out to be a part of the film.

Bojanac told reporters that he was selected for a military role due to his experience with marching. He is the former Central Dauphin marching band drum major. After being hired, he was sent to a boot camp that was led by West Point instructors, and was taught how to march.

Courtesy: Netflix

With his musical background and familiarity with the marching style and experience with marching to drums, he was also asked to play the fife during some of the scenes. The standard wartime music was fun for Bojanac to play, but he wasn’t sure if those scenes would make the final cut.

Filming lasted many months in the cold woods of western Pennsylvania. The attention paid to the historical accuracy was exciting for Bojanac.

The WHTM report shared Bojanac’s final thoughts before the big reveal of the film January 6 on Netflix. Some AMC Theaters will show “The Pale Blue Eye” this Friday.

An additional treat is finding Senator-elect John Fetterman and his wife, Giselle, cast as extras in a bar scene.