(WTRF) — An OnlyFans model shared that her obsessed subscriber has tattooed her name above his genitals, according to MyLondon.news.

The man’s devotion has grown from his £25,000 on Mercedes Valentine’s explicit photos and videos, to a personal message to her in June 2021, wanting her to “control all aspects of his life”.

The subscriber asked permission to permanently ink the 22-year-old’s first name slightly above his private area and also on his wedding ring finger. It was the intention of the subscriber to get as close as possible to her actual signature, and he may have requested Valentine to hand-design the tattoo.

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The Only Fans model has been nicknamed “goddess” and “muscle mummy” by the transfixed subscriber and has shared that he has a shrine dedicated to her, and named her the beneficiary in his life insurance policy.

He claims the Only Fans model has “ownership of his soul”.

Valentine is from Brighton, and shared with MyLondon.news that he is her top fan and that his life revolves around her. He has shared with Valentine that he has a dedicated shine that included a big flower arrangement and photos of her.

She shares with MyLondon.news that requests don’t bother her and that she wants her fans to do what makes them happy. She is happy that the platform is giving fans a way to worship the models and believes it is becoming more normal for fans to do this.

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The Only Fans model is a trained neuroscientist who was inspired by her parents, and impassioned by her diagnosis of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome when she was 15 years old. The condition means Valentine has very flexible joints and loose skin.

In 2021, she set up a pole dancing inspired OnlyFans page and her popularity soared to a monthly take home of £40k.

She tells MyLondon.news that she fell in love with pole dancing and that she enjoys showing off what she can do. She had low expectations when she started the OnlyFans page.

Valentine’s dedicated fan emailed her a contract that he put together in which he gave her ownership of his soul. When asked by MyLondon.news, she stated that she wasn’t bothered or shocked by it, but professed that she was “on the spectrum” and maybe that was why.