WASHINGTON, D.C. (WHTM) — Congressman John Joyce, M.D. introduced a new initiative that would safeguard access to historical literature including titles from Dr. Seuss and the like.

“Oh, the books they will ban,” said Dr. Joyce. “Cancel culture is rapidly encroaching on American institutions – starting in our elementary schools.”

The Guarding Readers’ Independence and Choice (GRINCH) Act seeks to protect classic authors, including authors such as Dr. Seuss, who have been criticized for materials deemed to be offensive.

“The GRINCH Act will prohibit taxpayer dollars from funding bureaucrats’ attempts to censor children’s literature and determine what our kids are permitted to read,” added Dr. Joyce.

Since 2019, Dr. Joyce has visited 20 public libraries across nine counties in Pennsylvania’s 13th Congressional District, delivering hundreds of books from the Library of Congress — among them children’s selections.