The metal band Korn got a bit more heavy metal than they bargained for, the night before their gig tonight (Friday, March 25) at Moline’s TaxSlayer Center.

On Friday, March 25, at approximately 7:42 a.m., Davenport Police responded to the 200 block of East Fourth Street (outside Hotel Blackhawk) in reference to the report of a bus that had been struck by overnight gunfire.

Upon arrival, officers located a scene and confirmed that a bus, parked on the city street, sustained damage from a single gunshot. No other damage and no injuries were reported. This incident remains under investigation; no further information is available at this time, police said.

TMZ reported that the bus struck was part of the U.S. Korn tour. “A source familiar with the situation tells us the bullet pierced the exterior wall of the bus and was found inside the cabin. The saving grace here is that no one was on board at the time of the shooting,” according to

The nu metal band Korn in concert.

Korn — with Chevelle and Code Orange — is due to play tonight at 6:30 p.m. at TaxSlayer Center, 1201 River Dr., Moline.

Abernathy’s in Davenport posted on Facebook Friday morning about a visit from Jonathan Davis of Korn, “and scored this amazing piece from Isabel Doom! This moment put my chill level to the absolute test when your inner metal head child is screaming with glee but you still have a business to run.”