Prince Harry’s autobiographical book, “Spare,” is flying off the library shelves.

It was put into circulation Friday at the Martins Ferry Public Library.

It’s already been snapped up by readers who had put their names on a waiting list months ago.

Ordinarily, they say biographies are not the sort of books that get this kind of attention.

But “Spare” is breaking the mold.

“It’s really rare for a non-fiction book like a biography to have this much interest and this many requests on it,” said Anthony Orsini, executive director of the Belmont County District Library.

Thirty names are on the waiting list in the district library.

That’s a level of popularity that’s usually only seen for non-fiction books.

“Anything by James Patterson or Danielle Steel or Steven King,” said Orsini. “Authors whose names you recognize.”

Even cataloguing “Spare” was different.

The author’s name is listed simply as Prince Harry.

But books are generally listed by author’s last name.

“With the royal family, there’s always the question of what is their last name,” Orsini noted. “So our decision was to use ‘Harry.’ So it is filed in the H’s of our biography section.”

And it’s not drawing the usual library patrons who put their names on waiting lists.

There’s a whole new clientele showing interest.

“You know, with a book like this, that’s not something that you’d probably want to keep forever,” Orsini said. “But you want to know what everybody is talking about, so the library is a great place to borrow it. You can read it and bring it back so it’s not taking up space in your house.”

“Spare” is 410 pages in hardback.

It’s also available in large print, e-book, audiobook and digital audiobook.

You can get on a waiting list by calling the library at (740) 633-0314 or going online at

You’ll need a library card.

They are free.