WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) – Taylor Swift has been taking her fans on a stroll down memory lane by re-releasing her old albums and titling them as (Taylor’s Version). 

This time, it’s 1989, which was originally released in 2014. 

This time she and The Friendlier City Project asked fans to “meet them at midnight” for the 1989 (Taylor’s Version) album drop party at Clientele Art Studio. 

Everything is decked out in ‘Style’ from the 1989 era themed decorations to a friendship bracelet making station, and of course, the chance to dance to Taylor’s hits until the new album comes out. 

”We just hope that people have fun, right? Like we went to the area’s concert and it was a really great and welcoming experience and it’s really awesome to see, like women and all different types of people be able to, like, gather together in a safe, fun way. So that’s kind of just what we wanted to do. We wanted to bring that Era’s vibe to Wheeling and just have a fun event here.”

Mikaya Green – The Friendlier City Project

”Taylor is really welcoming, and I think her music kind of spans genres and a lot of people relate to it and so it’s fun to throw parties for her. We’ve done a couple of Taylor Swift parties and it’s fun to do parties for her because she has a lot of fans and so lots of people like to come out.”

Ellie McGregor – The Friendlier City Project

There’s still time for all of you Swifties to throw on your best sparkly outfit, head to Clientele, and ‘All You Have to Do is Stay’ until midnight before 1989 (Taylor’s Version) officially drops.