CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – Jerry Flowers is Keith Urban’s bass player and will perform with him Saturday night at the Charleston Coliseum. 

Flowers is from Pinch, West Virginia, so this will be a homecoming celebration. 

“That’s the place where I saw my first concert in 1984,” Flowers said. “I saw Van Halen there, and that changed my whole life that moment.” 

He’s played the coliseum since then with Keith Urban and also The Dixie Chicks, but he still gets butterflies coming home. 

“I got a lot of friends coming, family. I’m nervous to be honest. I’m excited but nervous,” Flowers said. 

Flowers has been in Urban’s band for 17 years but actually started playing with him shortly after he and his brother Randy moved to Nashville in 1993. 

“We played all over the country,” Flowers joked. “Every rough bar you could think of, it was brutal!” 

Things aren’t so brutal anymore. 

Besides performing, Flowers is an accomplished songwriter. 

“It took me about 10 years after I got my first publishing deal before I saw any success,” he said. 

And then success came calling. 

He’s written five number-one country songs. 

“I remember the first time I went to a Sam Hunt concert. And ‘House Party’ was the first hit I had with him, to see a crowd react to something you were a part of writing is a feeling like no other,” Flowers said. 

Despite all of that success, he doesn’t plan to give up life on the road. 

“What I do with Keith, that’s my sweet spot like when I get to play bass and sing harmonies that’s really where I’m the most comfortable,” Flowers said. 

He said fans can expect a fun, high-energy show in Charleston Saturday night. 

“There’s rarely a night that I’m not amazed at what he can do. He is so good on stage so anyone that comes to our show is gonna feel pure joy for two hours.” 

Flowers and his brother used to play in a band in Nashville called Pinch—named after their hometown. 

He said Dustin Lynch has one of his songs “Party Mode” in the top 20 this week.  

And he said Morgan Wallen just recorded one of his songs on Monday.