WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — If you’re looking for the next big show, you’re in luck! 

Wheeling-born entertainer Barb Bailey steps into the spotlight for the “Tally Ho Baby” performance. While you may recognize her as the successful singer and performer she is, her life began far from ordinary.

This show shares her story from starting out as an abandoned baby in a box to living a glamorous life in Hollywood Hills.

You’ll hear a mix of songs and hilarious stories that happened with big names like Lady Gaga, Burt Reynolds, and Hugh O’Brian. You’ll also find out why she was dubbed “Tally Ho Baby” years ago. 

It’s a story many have heard before, but not quite like this. 

“I am so honored and excited to be here in my hometown of Wheeling because this is my home. These are my roots, and these will be my people. There will be a lot of people I hope I know in the audience, and a lot of people know something about my story but not everything. So, I am beyond excited and thrilled.” 

Barb Bailey, starring in the “Tally Ho Baby”

Bailey says it’s a heartwarming and funny story with a feel-good ending. 

You can see her story at the Towngate Theatre Saturday night at 7. 

Just get tickets at OIOnline.com or call (304) 242-7700.