It’s the best of both worlds.

Great jazz music in a beautiful rural setting.

That’s what you can look forward to next week when the Wheeling Symphony Orchestra’s “Party in the Barn” returns to the Feisley Tree Farm in Belmont, Ohio.

The event helps to fund the “WSO on the GO” series, where members of the orchestra will perform at different venues around the area.

It will feature a dinner catered by Theo’s Restaurant and a performance by the Symphony’s Jazz Trio, “JMJ Jazz.”

The performance will take place inside the 200-year old barn located on the farm.

“What is really interesting is that you take the rustic, almost crude, timbers of a barn and you bring in the elevated, sophisticated music of symphony orchestra, and you blend those two things together and it’s really a beautiful event.”

Theresa Feisley, Co-Owner/Operator Feisley Tree Farm

“And it’s just a nice way to reach people who might not be familiar with the symphony. It gives them a little taste of what we are about. It also gives them an opportunity to interact more closely with our musicians, who at a large scale concert might be much further away on the stage.”

Betsy Delk, Director of Institutional Advancement, WSO