MARTINS FERRY, Ohio (WTRF) Governor Mike DeWine and Congressman Bill Johnson wielded a giant pair of scissors and cut the ceremonial ribbon.

East Ohio Regional Hospital served the community for 114 years. Then it was closed in September 2019. Against all odds it was purchased and reopened by a new owner four months ago.

Now that masks and social distancing are no longer required, they celebrated.

This is rare. I mean this just does not happen.

Governor Mike DeWine, (R) Ohio

Typically, when hospitals close, they never reopen.

Congressman Bill Johnson agreed the odds against it are almost insurmountable.

Between the building, getting the hospital and the physical plant back up, and then getting all the people back on board, it was a tremendous challenge.

Congressman Bill Johnson, (R) Ohio

They said the value of having a fully functioning hospital in your community is beyond measure, especially with a quickly accessible emergency room.

My wife Fran and I have eight kids and we have 26 grandkids. We’re familiar with emergency rooms! So, being able to be treated in an emergency room quickly in a real emergency is just priceless.

Governor Mike DeWine, (R) Ohio

We try to be really mindful of people’s time. We have several programs in place to get people in as fast as possible, and thus far it’s been relatively successful.

Bernie Albertini, Administrator & Chief Operating Officer, EORH

The man who reopened the hospital, Dr. John Johnson, reportedly has plans to open additional programs at EORH to address the issues of mental illness and drug addiction.

Making sure that there is assistance, that there is help, is very, very important.

Governor Mike DeWine, (R) Ohio

The hospital currently employs 500 people.