It’s a story different from most.

In this Faces of Recovery episode, we learn that not everyone attends N.A. classes or goes through a management withdraw system.

In fact, Mark Sambuco was so strong, he was able to do it with a little help from above.

Mark said growing up his home life was nothing short of amazing. Nothing led him to the path he decided to take. In fact, even he didn’t know where he was headed.

A lot of people don’t realize their addicted to anything. I was just a happy, go-lucky, party guy, hanging out with your friends and doing your thing. Then as I got in my older years, I started having back problems and issues. I hurt my back. Then that’s when pain pills took over.

Mark Sambuco, Recovering Addict


A drug many Americans take for severe pain. Something Mark wasn’t a stranger to. He became addicted, swallowing pills just to keep him afloat.

Soon enough he landed himself in a hospital bed at Cleveland Clinic, waiting for his third open-heart surgery.

That progressed into more drinking, smoking, and then when cocaine got involved then that was a whole other story.

Mark Sambuco, Recovering Addict

Mark was in the process of creating his own audio business. Then one day his friend asked him to go The Experience Church, a place his friend Tim had recently opened. Even though Mark didn’t consider himself a religious person, that day he was offered an audio job.

I’m showing up hungover and still doing my thing, but I’m coming down there and I’m hearing the message. I’m hearing the word and I’m seeing other people’s lives change into something, and you just can’t ignore that.

Mark Sambuco, Recovering Addict

Mark said he fought the message for a while, but one day, he was sucked into it, and never looked back.

Now, he is two years sober and has grown closer to not only his wife but his daughter as well.

It’s just been a completely different life and it’s not easy, but if I knew it was going to feel this good, I would have done it a long time ago.

Mark Sambuco, Recovering Addict

Mark said ‘man, I’m going to do the things that I believe I need to do, because great things require great change’. But I can tell you this, as his pastor, he’s not the same.

Tim Seidler, Pastor, The Experience Church

He said there’s so much life he missed out on, but the life he lives today is something he wouldn’t trade for the world.

It’s not a losing battle. There’s people out there that can help. Don’t be afraid to ask for it.

Mark Sambuco, Recovering Addict

Although Mark didn’t reach out for help through another organization, he says looking back there are resources that surround us everywhere we go, and there’s no excuse to not reach out and find help.

If you or someone you know is addicted and ready to get clean, you can call these six help centers.

The Mary and Martha House for Women
The Lazarus Home for Men
Serenity Hills Life Center
The Unity Center, Ohio Valley Recovery Inc.
Help4WV Hotline
WVU Medicine Reynolds Memorial Hospital- Breakthru Unit