NEW MARTINSVILLE ,W.Va. (WTRF) – It’s one thing to know there’s a problem, but it’s another to do something about it.

There’s a core group of volunteers in New Martinsville who see their community is in need of food.

Each month they’re up early, packing boxes and doing their part to end hunger where they live.

We know our community is in great need.

Judy Grace, Volunteer

Once a month as the cars line up at St. Vincent De Paul Church in New Martinsville, so do the volunteers. 

Our monsignor is so wonderful he’ll take coffee out to them. He takes his coffee pot out and gives them coffee while they sit there.

Judy Grace, Volunteer

Rain or shine, they’re ready with boxes of food from the Mountaineer Food Bank. 

They just tell you ‘thank you very much for doing this’ and ‘we’re so glad you’re here’ because sometimes we’re here in the snow and the rain and they’re in their cars and we’re getting drowned, but they also thank the guys that load too.’

Judy Grace, Volunteer

They don’t do it for the thanks. This group of volunteers from all over Wetzel County, of all ages, knows there’s a need and with their time they choose to give to others. 

This food drive typically serves about 250 families.

However, there’s a need more than once a month, which is why you’ll also find some of these same friendly faces at the food bank. 

We get donations from all kinds of people. Especially now with people growing in their gardens they’ll bring us their fresh produce, which people really appreciate.

Judy Grace, Volunteer

Maybe even more than volunteers, they need donations. Not just in Wetzel County, but across the Ohio Valley. 

We can always use donations at the local food bank. Support your local food banks, no matter where you are.

Therese Schoolcraft, Volunteer

WTRF’s parent company Nexstar Broadcasting, Inc. and Feeding America are working this month to help end food insecurity.

Visit to learn more.

If you’re in Wetzel County and in need of food, or would like to volunteer, they say to watch the St. Vincent dePaul Church Facebook or the Wetzel County Community Resources Facebook pages for dates and times.