A unique way to approach therapy has come to the Ohio Valley.

Mindset2wellness at the Bluewave Center in Follansbee officially held their grand opening this week.

They provide services that are unlike anything else you’ve seen in the area.

7News got a firsthand look at some of the Expressive Arts Therapies that they offer.

Mindset2Wellness is a strength-based approach to therapy. This approach identifies the strengths and resilience that clients already possess and helps them to use those same skills to deal with tough situations in their lives.

They started with a grounding exercise and continued into a drawing exercise, showcasing feelings, all while having a conversation.

From visual art, to movement, to writing their goal remains the same.

“Because expressive therapies is really grounded in our bodies, we’re all often so much in our brains so this helps us get into our bodies whenever we don’t have the words then we can express our self in different ways.”

Taylor Provenzano – Counselor Mindset2wellness

Other services include emotional journaling, embodied healing dance movement, and theracycling.

In the future, the center will introduce more group sessions such as therapeutic dance and macrame.

For more information you can call 304-224-6769 or click here for their website.

More details about the Bluewave Center can be found here.