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MindSet2Wellness located in the Bluewave Center in Follansbee is offering unique counseling sessions for all ages.

If you are going through something such as a trauma, dealing with anxiety or depression but you don’t like sitting and talking, or it might make you uncomfortable.

Well, Mindset2wellness is offering emotional journaling, embodied healing dance movement, and theracycling.

Each session different in their own way to help you battle what’s going on inside.

“Mindset2wellness was created as a therapy counseling group to help people know that they already have strength and resilience, and the focus is not on what you have to fix or need to do, but what you already have within you.”

Lynette Carte – Owner MindSet2Wellness, Counselor

She says there are different groups within the Bluewave Center that partner up with Mindset2wellness to ensure you are getting everything you need, such as SYNA, athletic training.

The center also offers a 24 hour gym and Fresh Twist has also moved in.

If you’d like more information about Mindset2wellness, click here for their website!

More details about the Bluewave Center can be found here.