FOLLANSBEE, W.Va. (WTRF) – Back in May, the West Virginia Division of Highways proposed a plan to remove traffic lights from four main intersections in the city of Follansbee. 

These four lights included are at the intersection of Main and State Streets, Main and Ohio Streets, Main and Raymond Streets, and the entrance to the Coke plant. 

The WVDH responded last Friday, saying that by their metrics, they are going to shut these lights down and this peaks concern for Mayor David Velegol. 

”Situations like these, killing these lights really kills small towns. It hurts our businesses. It’s really a safety concern above all. So, we are going to push back on it.” 

David Velegol – Mayor, City of Follansbee

The mayor’s next steps include talking with higher officials and even starting petitions to keep these lights open, especially due to the amount of traffic coming in from Route 2 to new businesses coming to the area.