(WTRF) — The stories are becoming more dire as prices go higher.

Families are worried they’ll have to choose between getting gas or paying bills.

And the prices don’t show signs of slowing down.

Ohio Congressman Bill Johnson told 7News this week he wants to bring the focus to ways the government can help lessen the impact of the inflation. He says we are feeling the increased prices when we fill the tank or fill our grocery carts, and it’s a crisis.

In fact, the Congressman pointed out, the United States reached a critical point in gas prices this week.

“Each of the 50 states has got average gasoline prices in excess of $4 a gallon. Some states are worse. We see it here. The national average is around $4.50. I know it’s anywhere from $4.40 to $4.60.”

Rep. Bill Johnson (R) Ohio 6th District

While that’s the average for this area, in other parts of the country the average is more than 6 dollars a gallon. Congressman Johnson says it’s imperative that lawmakers address the energy crisis that’s driving this inflation.