OHIO COUNTY, W.Va. (WTRF) — The Governor changing his mind about the gas tax holiday has sparked mixed feelings over in Charleston.

And not everyone is happy with it.

Governor Jim Justice is pointing his fingers at the Biden administration for the high gas prices.

But Delegate Shawn Fluharty says something can * and should be done at the state level.

Fluharty explains the proposal that would take away the gas tax across the state.

He says the suspension would last for 30 days — or even longer if the governor allowed for an extension.

He points to other states that have done this — including Georgia and Maryland.  

But the governor said ‘no’ to having a special session.

And some are pushing back.

Del. Shawn Fluharty, (D) West Virginia, says,

“I find it to be sad, quite frankly, and I think like we have a duty and obligation as legislators to act, and the response we’re given from the Governor and legislative leadership is that they’re not going to act. They have no intention of acting, at a time when the average West Virginia is struggling and needs all the help we can give them during this crisis.” 

Fluharty believes the governor has the authority to act on it regardless of how much support the proposal has because West Virginia is under a state of emergency. He claims the governor is just choosing not to.