MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – Backyard Brawl football is officially underway in Morgantown.

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FINAL: WVU wins 17-6

PITT TURNOVER ON DOWNS (2:25): Warm up the buses. WVU takes over on the Pitt 8-yard line up 17-6.

PITT TURNOVER ON DOWNS (5:42): Pitt turns it over on downs at the WVU 27-yard line. That should be the dagger.

8:19: WVU’s punt is blocked and Pitt will take over at the WVU 48-yard line.


END 3RD: Pitt will start the fourth quarter down 17-6 on second-and-10 on its own 43-yard line. Worth noting: “Sweet Caroline” was played between quarters.

WVU FIELD GOAL (17-6 1:57): The Mountaineers turn the interception into three points on a 42-yard field goal from kicker Michael Hayes.

PITT TURNOVER (4:03): Jurkovec overthrows a receiver and WVU cornerback Beanie Bishop was in perfect position for the interception. Bishop returned it 40 yards to the Pitt 30-yard line.

TOUCHDOWN WEST VIRGINIA (14-6 5:05): WVU punches it in on a 1-yard touchdown rush from CJ Donaldson. All the momentum on the Mountaineers side.

14:55: Pitt will start the second half with the ball on its own 21-yard line.


HALF: WVU brings a 7-6 lead into the locker room. Pitt will start the second half with the ball.

PITT FIELD GOAL (7-6 0:09): Penalties from both Pitt and WVU negate positive plays from both sides, and the Panthers settle for a 36-yard field goal with seconds left in the half. We’ve got a good one, folks.

TOUCHDOWN WEST VIRGINIA (7-3 4:45): Marchiol finds Kole Taylor off play action for a 7-yard pitch-catch-run for WVU’s first score of the night.

PITT TURNOVER (3-0 4:50): WVU head honcho Aubrey Burks picks off Pitt quarterback Phil Jurkovec and returns it all the way inside the Pitt 10-yard line.

WEST VIRGINIA TURNOVER (3-0 5:04): Marchiol finally gets a couple completions under his belt, but his handoff to CJ Donaldson in the Pitt redzone wasn’t clean, and the Panthers recover the fumble on its own 18.

8:57: Pitt only musters five yards in three plays as it tries to dig itself out of safety territory. The Panthers punt to the WVU 45-yard line.

11:07: WVU punts to the Pitt 1 yard-line after running on third-and-long. Pitt has a 99-yard field ahead of it.


END 1ST: Pitt punts after a false start on fourth-and-one at midfield. WVU starts its drive on the 20-yard line before running on first down to the 24-yard line as the first quarter comes to a close. Marchiol still at QB.

WVU TURNOVER ON DOWNS (3-0 3:09): Head coach Neal Brown opts to go for it on fourth-and-three from the Pitt 40-yard line, but Marchiol’s pass to tight end Kole Taylor is broken up just past the first-down marker. Pitt takes over around midfield.

4:10: Redshirt freshman QB Nicco Marchiol enters the game after Greene was shaken up on a QB keeper. WVU is driving with a first down at the Pitt 46-yard line.

FIELD GOAL PITT (3-0): Pitt runs the ball 10 times on 11 plays, but WVU stifles the Panthers inside the WVU 5-yard line.

14:31: WVU goes three-and-out on the first drive. Two incompletions from quarterback Garrett Greene come from a defensive tip at the line of scrimmage on 2nd down and a miscommunication between Greene and Hudson Clement on third down. Pitt starts on its own 30-yard line.

15:00: Pitt wins the toss and elects to defer its choice to the second half. WVU will start with the ball.