The NCAA Division I Transformation Committee agreed Thursday on a set of recommendations that will be sent to the Division I Board of Directors for review, according to a media release on

According to Nicole Auerbach of The Athletic, the Transformation Committee has been meeting weekly for some time now.

Among the recommendations are adjustments to transfer rules, and updates on the DI infractions process. This, according to the release, is to “promote time-efficient outcomes, focuses the time and resources of all involved on a modernized set of shared principles, and holds accountable those who are directly involved in the rule-breaking while minimizing impact on student-athletes who were not involved.”

According to the release, transfer recommendations would require additional accountability for schools that receive transfer student-athletes. It would also create a window of time to enter the transfer portal each year in order to be eligible for the following season.

Specifics on what those windows would be were not specified in the release.

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The Transformation Committee is co-chaired by Greg Sankey, commissioner of the SEC, and Julie Cromer, athletics director at Ohio University.

“College sports continues to face many challenges, and we need to move quickly to update our rules and make infractions more efficient so we can focus our attention on Division I membership expectations and, most importantly, benefits for student-athletes,” said board chair Jere Morehead, president at the University of Georgia, according to the release.

The Division I Board of Directors will now review these recommendations at its meeting later this month.

If the recommendations receive support from the board, it will then be up to the Divison I Council for feedback, which would occur during an already scheduled meeting on July 20.

A vote, however, would not take place until August 3, according to the release.