MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – WVU head women’s basketball coach Mark Kellogg met with the media for the second time this preseason Wednesday, and he provided updates on his team as game No. 1 is less then a month away.

Here are the biggest takeaways from his 29-minute podium session:

Waiver updates

There are no updates on the statuses of Ashala Moseberry and Ainhoa Holzer’s transfer waivers, but Kellogg thinks he may get some news sometime this week.

“I think we’re close on Ashala, maybe this week on her,” he said. “Ainhoa’s probably another week or so…It’s case-by-case. Some of them, I think you have a little bit better [of a] case than others. One of ours I probably feel a little bit better about – just being honest – than the other, but we’ll kind of see what happens.”

Holzer is a redshirt freshman who did not play last year at Purdue due to injury, but she was a talented prep player coming out of Switzerland two years ago. Moseberry played two seasons at South Plains College in Texas, and she was a first-team all-conference player last season.

Starting lineup still undecided

According to Kellogg, there are seven-to-eight starting-caliber players on the WVU roster, but an upcoming scrimmage could provide a clearer picture for his starting five.

“I think we’re getting a little bit of an idea,” he said. “[We] really haven’t put a starting group, so to speak, together. Now, that’s probably coming over the next couple days, and that won’t be set in stone by any means, but we do need to start looking at some lineups. I pretty much mix the teams every day.”

Should Moseberry and Holzer’s waivers be denied, that would leave Kellogg with 10 available players following Stephen F. Austin guard transfer Zya Nugent’s season-ending injury this offseason.

Secret scrimmages

Kellogg’s team will play two secret scrimmages before the season opener against Loyola (Md.) Nov. 7, and the first will be this upcoming weekend.

The team has recently started implementing its offensive and defensive schemes, but Kellogg is looking to see which players perform better together in a game-like setting before criticizing schematic execution.

“I think we’ve been able to get a good enough idea of what it’s going to look like, but I am a little more excited, just to see [us] against somebody else,” he said.

As for the format of the scrimmages, they may not be typical four-quarter exhibitions. They could play six quarters. They could predetermine situations. Anything goes.

Moseberry and Holzer are not eligible to participate in the scrimmages unless their transfer waivers are approved beforehand.