MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – The West Virginia University rowing team competed at the Head of the Occoquan, today, hosted by the Occoquan Boat Club, at the Sandy Run Regional Park in Fairfax Station, Virginia.

Complete results can be found at Ronin Racing.

“On a day that is typically for only our frosh/novice squad, having both squads competing together in the fall was neat,” WVU rowing coach Jimmy King said. “Even though the varsity squad had its racing to focus on as well, I enjoyed watching them work in support of our youngest Mountaineers when on land together.”

The first round of racing featured the Varsity 8s and the Frosh/Novice 4s. The Mountaineers finished second of 11 teams in the Varsity 8+ and in the Frosh/Novice 4+ racing, WVU placed first, fourth and seventh out of 17 entries.

“The first race for the Novice is always such a big thing,” WVU associate head coach Tina Griffith said. “Everything is new and different, and you can practice like crazy, but nothing is like the real thing. They did a great job applying what we have taught them, learning in the moment, and stepping up to the challenge of racing. We had lots of successes, including medals, and it was great for them to be able to be competitive and see the results of their hard work.” 

The second round of racing featured the Frosh/Novice 8s and the Varsity 4s. In the collegiate frosh/novice women’s 8+ racing, the Mountaineers finished fourth and sixth out of nine entries. In the women’s collegiate varsity 4+ racing, WVU finished third and fourth out of 15 entries. In the women’s collegiate junior varsity 4+, West Virginia finished fourth out of 10 entries.

“Just as we routinely do throughout the fall season, the varsity squad took to the water in untested lineups, King said. “I was happy to see the technical focus we’ve had over the past two weeks carry over into our racing, especially considering the windy conditions.”

The lineups for each boat and the results can be found below.

West Virginia at Head of the Occoquan | Fairfax Station, Va.

First round of racing – Collegiate Varsity Women’s 8+ and Frosh/Novice 4s

  • WVU Collegiate Varsity Women’s 8+: Finished Second of 11 Entries
    • Second-Place Lineup: Ryleigh Williams, Ashlea Clark, Abigail Yingling, Katherine Capitan, Kathleen Meldrum, Laurna Atkins, Lydia Nicolai, Anna Gall with Sydney VanAuken (coxswain)
  • Collegiate Frosh/Novice Women’s 4+: First, Fourth, Seventh of 17 Entries
  • FirstPlace Lineup: Courtney Wright, Helena Radford, Samantha Gamarra, Avery Burris with Grace Terlion (coxswain)
  • Fourth Place Lineup: Sophia Gavril, Brooklynn Morgan, Anyah Brown, Emily Mitchell with Shelby Andre (coxswain)
  • Seventh Place Lineup: Jennifer Cooper, Kylie Deavers, Emma Higgins, Adriana Hogan with Brooke Scanlon (coxswain)

Second round of racing featured Frosh/Novice 8s and Varsity 4s.

  • Collegiate Frosh/Novice Women’s 8+: Fourth, Sixth of Nine entries
    • Fourth Place Lineup: Wright, Hogan, Higgins, Brown, Morgan, Burris, Radford, Gamarra with Grace Holliday (coxswain)
    • Sixth Place Lineup: Kayley Davis, Isabelle Totton, Madison Felker, Anneliese Carney, Ella Mehring, Bridget Kiely, Gavril, Mitchell with Andre (coxswain)
  • Women’s Collegiate Varsity 4+: Third, Fourth of 15 Entries
    • Third Place Lineup: Samantha Perro, Michaela Pulick, Clark, Yingling with VanAuken (coxswain)
    • Fourth Place Lineup: Nicolai, Capitan, Meldrum, Gall with Emily DeGlopper (coxswain)
  • Women’s Collegiate Junior Varsity 4+: Fourth of 10 Entries
    • Lineup: Kelsey Riemer, Sarah Morrison, Emily Dumford, Atkins with Ava Milano (coxswain)