The Mountaineers are back in action this weekend at home to take on the Texas Tech Red Raiders. Hosts Nick Farrell, Anjelica Trinone, Tony Caridi and Dale “Wolfman” Wolfley will bring you coverage of the Mountaineers leading up to kickoff at noon ET. 

In the first of two Coaches Corner segments, Coach Brown and Tony Caridi discuss getting key players back on the defense for the Mountaineers. Brown also discusses getting the offense in order to prepare for Texas Tech and utilizing redshirts Tony Mathis and Jarret Doege in the remaining four games. Brown touches on Darius Still’s astonishing performance against the Baylor Bears. All this and more in the Coaches Corner sponsored by Encova Insurance:

In this week’s ‘Eer to ‘Eer, Nick and Anjelica discuss welcoming Texas Tech this weekend in Morgantown. They also talk seeing Jarret Doege “sooner than later” in the remainder of the season, as well as Jack Allison’s entering the transfer portal. We will also catch up with Wolfman to hear this “Play of the Week,” sponsored by Jacqueline’s Fine Jewelry:

We take a look back at the Baylor game and hear from the Bears head coach Matt Rhule, who had high praise for the Stills brothers. Nick and Anjelica give a recap of the WVU defense’s performance against the undefeated Bears, and discuss Winston Wright’s kick return for a touchdown to tie the game. Nick and Anjelica will also give you their keys to a victory against the Red Raiders, sponsored by Astorg Auto of Charleston:

In this week’s Wolf’s Den, Wolfman breaks down footage from the tough loss against the Baylor Bears.

The Stills brothers have been a force to reckon with this season. In this week’s Life of a Mountaineer from WVU Athletics, we take a look at how the Darius and Dante feel about playing alongside each other and their “meet me there, or beat me there” mentality:

We bring you back with our final word from Anjelica Trinone and Nick Farrell for the program. Nick will also take a look at the remainder of the Mountaineer’s schedule for the season in the Central Van & Storage Moving Ahead Schedule:

In the final Coaches Corner segment, Coach Brown and Tony discuss the times Browns was offensive coordinator for the Red Raiders. Brown and Caridi also discuss Tech on both sides of the ball, and how the Mountaineers need to prepare for that. Coach and Tony also discuss watching last year’s matchup with the Red Raiders and how to prepare a young offense for the defense. All this and more in the second Coaches Corner, sponsored by Encova Insurance: