MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — It’s not just WVU football fans who can have a new experience at home games this year, men’s basketball fans can, too.

In addition to the MAC Field Lounge for football games, West Virginia University and the Mountaineer Athletic Club have announced a new hospitality area and game-day experiences for the upcoming men’s basketball season.

A new premium space, Club Mountaineer, will be introduced this season. Those who have driven past the WVU Coliseum over the past few months have likely seen the addition’s exterior being built. According to renderings released by West Virginia, Club Mountaineer will be a large area for fans, including dozens of tables and chairs, various beverages and food options, and multiple television screens to watch the game as it unfolds.

Club Mountaineer will be available to Mountaineer Scholar level ($25,000) donors or higher. According to a release from WVU, Almost Heaven Society members can also purchase Club Mountaineer season passes.

Club Mountaineer is one of three luxury areas for basketball fans at the Coliseum. Club 35, located court-side, opened last season, and will continue to be available to the MAC’s Summit level ($75,000) members who purchase a season pass. Additionally, the Statler Club will continue to be available for eligible donors.

Those seeking more information on game-day enhancements for WVU football and men’s basketball games this season are instructed to contact the Mountaineer Athletic Club at 304-293-2294