MORGANTOWN, W.Va – JT Daniels has been the premier quarterback for West Virginia this season, but the three others behind him are also putting in the work.

Redshirt sophomore Garrett Greene has the most game experience behind Daniels and is the most likely out of all the backups to enter the game if needed. Greene saw one snap against Pitt which turned into a gain of five yards. Head coach Neal Brown said on Tuesday they continue to carry packages specifically for Greene and he is ready to go at all times.

When it comes to redshirt freshman Goose Crowder and true freshman Nicco Marchiol, they get their reps primarily with the developmental program.

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“They get a lot of work,” Brown said. “I was talking to Nicco and he is excited about how much he’s improving and he’s learning. So I’m pleased with both of those guys and how they are coming along.”

Offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach Graham Harrell said both players have taken advantage of their opportunities to get better throughout the week, but Marchiol is the one who has gotten the most out of it.

“He gets a ton of reps throughout the week,” Harrell said. “Sunday we have a scrimmage. Tuesday we normally throw skill with some developmental guys or throw 7-on-7. Wednesday they get some more team reps. Thursday it’s 7-on-7 again, so he’s getting a ton of reps within what we do. He gets better and better every day.”

As Harrell has said a number of times, experience is something that can’t be replaced. If the backups don’t have an opportunity to get that by playing in games, then that makes the developmental reps throughout the week even more important.

Harrell said Marchiol has made noticeable improvements each practice, but the biggest of all has been to his confidence.

”I don’t think it’s necessarily his talent level going up, but I think it is how comfortable he is. His experience and confidence are going up,” he said. “Because of that, you throw it with a little more crisp, a little more pop. When you have confidence, there’s no hesitation you just rip the ball.”

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