JEFFERSON Co. (WTRF) — Have you ever been on the receiving end of someone who is very genuine?

Well, this October’s Golden Apple Award Winner is another beautiful example of just that.

Buckeye Local Junior High School teacher, Darleen Archer, has the gift of inspiring her students in a way that is simply magical.

After hearing she was October’s Golden Apple Award Winner, Archer wanted to shout it from the rooftops.

Today was the day. I’m definitely playing the lottery. I feel very, very blessed. I feel very fortunate. Everyone kept it a hidden secret. No one told me. So, I didn’t really prepare for this. And the first thing when I saw you enter the classroom I thought, Oh my gosh, it’s happening. I actually won.

Darleen Archer, Golden Apple Award Winner

Mrs. Archer, who is a special education teacher, also known as an intervention specialist, says she has lost count when it comes to just how long she has been a teacher.

She loves what she does and wants to be that shining example for her students.

If I show that I enjoy doing what I love doing, it’s a perfect role model for my students and they in turn will start loving learning.

Darleen Archer, Golden Apple Award Winner

Mrs. Archer calls herself an open book and Buckeye Local Junior High Principal Jason Kovalsky couldn’t agree more.

Principal Kovalsky says she incorporates her positive attitude into each lesson plus added to that a huge helping of humor.

She’s an open person and she is very easy to talk to. She does her job because she likes her job. She likes to help students. That’s her main goal everyday. She comes here with that in mind. Her goal is to help make students lives better.

Jason Kovalsky, Principal Buckeye Local Junior High School

This 20-year veteran believes that everyone wants to excel, but not everybody learns at the same pace.

So, that is why she provides students with the opportunity to be successful by creating lessons that serve as an inspiration.

I want them to learn from me and in turn I learn from them as well. So, it’s an ongoing spectrum of learning.

Darleen Archer, Golden Apple Award Winner

Mrs. Archer says learning can be challenging. It is a constant hurdle, but if you take things one step at a time you can build on that and then turn it into something so special.

I want my students to be the best student that they possibly can be. When they graduate I want them to be productive citizens in society because we need that. I feel like I’m achieving what I’m destined to do. What I see that I have accomplished with my students that’s says everything in a nut shell.

Darleen Archer, Golden Apple Award Winner

Mrs. Archer believes that once you find a student’s level of learning you’re able to build them up while at the same time challenging them.

But she says you need to teach in a tactful manner, so they aren’t overwhelmed.