HANCOCK COUNTY, W.Va. (WTRF) – The Hancock County Board of Education will soon be launching a new website.

This will connect board members, service personnel, teachers, parents, and students with everything they could possibly need at their fingertips.

The new site is much more accessible then their old one. On the home page is a slide show of student achievements as well as tabs for each of the schools in the county. There is also tabs for Covid-19 updates, academic calendars adn other important information.

A new feature for the website is it comes in the form of an app the public can download it on their phones. This will allow push notifications to be sent out for the public on pressing issues like delays, closings or a change to one of their meetings.

This will bring us up to date with everyone else across the state, plus be able to get information across faster to people without hesitation. It will increase communication between all the schools, parents, media. whomever needs it.

Steven McKinney, Director of Technology, Hancock Count BOE

The site is set to launch on Monday, January 31.

There will also be workshops for principals throughout the week to help navigate the new site. Each individual school will also be able to do their own live feeds, and calendars along with posting to their own social medias.

BOE officials are calling this new site a one stop shop.

The website is boe.hancock.k12.wv.us.