The Hancock County Sheriff’s Office is growing.

Just recently they hired five new deputies and had a Sergeant promotion.

Joseph DeStefano, Quincy Dameron, Caleb Minger, Christopher Oaks, and Jacob Gittings have all been officially sworn in by Judge Jason Cuomo.

Deputy First Class Dante Jeter was also sworn into his new Sergeant position.

Sheriff Scott Gittings says he couldn’t be more proud of his department and adding these new deputies will strengthen the county’s police force.

“Once we get these two guys out of the academy, we’re looking at going to a five man crew, which we haven’t done ever. So I think we can provide better coverage now, and vacations won’t hurt us, sickness and illness won’t hurt us. So I think we are going to be in good shape.”

Sheriff Scott Gittings – Hancock County Sheriff’s Office

Three of the deputies are already certified but two are headling to the academy in Fairmont on August 21.

Sergeant Jeter also stepped into his new role as soon as he was sworn in.