It was supposed to be a family-fun event, but it turned into a place of fear.

What happened at Kennywood Park was certainly frightening.

Here locally, Hancock County Sheriff Scott Gittings says the news about what happened at Kennywood was shocking but also not.

He says the park is very close to the road and it is easy to pass something along through the fence line.

Sheriff Gittings warns that if you ever find yourself in a scary situation like that, get as far away from it as possible.

But he says these types of situations are becoming more apparent.

“It’s like almost everywhere it seems like it doesn’t matter where anymore, it pops up somewhere and it’s not an area anymore it’s the area the people go to where the people are and where the things are. So the element, the criminal element is expanding.”

Sheriff Scott Gittings – Hancock County Sheriff’s Office

Sheriff Gittings says additional security should be added at the park.

But even with that, he said if there’s a will there’s a way.