Something is lurking in the West Virginia Wilderness it’s call Folklore Fest!

Hancock County Parks and Recreation is thrilled to bring this brand new event to the area this fall!

It’s going to be at the Gas Valley Sports Complex and Playground in New Cumberland!

This is going to be an event with food, vendors, crafts, lots of contests, a petting zoo, Entertainment, and Activities for everyone!

Parks and Rec members say this is going to be a very unique event!

“This is going to emphasize all the folklore and cryptids in the area. This is something that the area doesn’t typically have, it’s going to have fun, food, excitement for both adults and children, something that everybody can enjoy.”

Nick Travis – President

“There’s so much local folklore surrounding West Virginia mountains and wilderness that we’ve all heard, passed down for generations so we wanted to have some fun with that.”

Corinna Meyers – Vice President

The event is October 1st at noon!

Attractions and activities will be posted as they are confirmed on their Hancock County Parks and Recreation Facebook page.