It’s prom season for high school students, and graduation will be here soon.

That means it’s also a time when dangers for teens on the roadways increase.

The scene students witnessed today is a reality for first responders.

So to bring awareness of the dangers of drinking and driving local first responders put on a mock DUI crash.

Oak Glen high school students were shown a mock, fatal drunk driving crash.

Hancock County Deputy First Class Brian Cunningham says scenes like this are important for teens to see with their own eyes.

He says it shows a first responders worst fear, rolling up to a scene where someone died.

“If we can do things like this to maybe open up their eyes and show them what could happen, it may save one or two or multiple of them.”

Brian Cunningham – Hancock County Deputy First Class

Students see the reality of this situation and what could happen because of a bad decision, making them think twice before getting behind the wheel impaired.

“I definitely do think it opens up a lot of eyes because it is a lot scarier to see stuff like that, especially first hand and to see what all goes into it and what can really happen if you do get in an accident like that, especially drinking and driving.”

Phoebe Molish – Oak Glen Senior

The next 90 days is the most dangerous for teens on the roadways as the summer season approaches.

New Manchester, Newell, Chester, and New Cumberland Volunteer Fire Department; along with Hancock County EMS and Hancock County Sheriffs Office all volunteered their time.