Hancock County, W. Va. (WTRF)-The Hancock County Board of Education has released a report involving the board’s duties and operations months after the accusations surrounding an ongoing grievance case. 

The report mainly addresses legal responsibility and board meeting requirements. The Board also talked about addressing legal matters involving employment, personnel, student rights, contracts, and other school-related matters. 

This comes a couple months after parents questioned the Board over the Director of Personnel’s job. In March, The board had voted 4-1 to appeal the judge’s decision that ruled the board would rebid that position. 

But as parents asked for more transparency, the board still faced push back. 

The Hancock County Education Association also took a ‘no confidence’ vote regarding in the Superintendent and Board Members, except for Michelle Chappell.

After all that, the Board has this to say.

“It’s become very apparent the public does not understand the operations of the board, a lot of operations of the Board and how we operate and what we’re required to do by law.”

Danny Kaser Board President

The Board went to add the conversations they have don’t leave the meetings and say they’re as transparent as possible. 

The board has no comment specifically about the job or the grievance case.