Hancock County, W. Va. (WTRF)- Hancock County Schools have been under tighter COVID-19 guidelines: including one thing all kids must wear in school… a mask.

But that’s about to change.

A decision is in, and the Board of Education voted 4 to 1 against the mandate, but that doesn’t necessarily take masks away altogether. They’re still optional.

“I’m pleased. I’m really pleased.”

Tanya Dillon, parent

Parents, like Tanya Dillon, are reacting to the board’s decision.

“March 20, 2020 is an infamous date as to when everything stopped and everything started. So hopefully, 2-22-22 starts us in a new direction of not wearing masks in school.”

Tanya Dillon, parent

There will no longer be a mask mandate for Hancock County Schools. The board voted 4-1 against the mandate. This decision comes after their COVID cases have died down, and the county turned green on the DHHR map.

Even though the mask mandate is lifted, there’s still an option to wear one.

“I know we still have children and families that are concerned, and that is why the mask mandate is optional. They have a right to wear masks, and I hope that they do if they have any health issues or any reason they want to continue to wear the mask. “

Superintendent Dawn Petrovich, Hancock County Schools

But the mask policy isn’t the only thing changing; So is the quarantine policy. Kids won’t have to quarantine for 5 days anymore. There’s now an option for kids to get tested on the first day, but there’ll have have to wear a mask in school during that five-day-period.

Dr. Natasha Smith with Roxby Labs says this will help keep everyone safe and in school.

“You’re going to have to quarantine once a mask mandate is dropped, and so this is an option to keep them in school.”

Dr. Natasha Smith, Roxby Labs

Meanwhile, other protocols like disinfecting and using sanitizer will remain the same.

The new mask and quarantine policies go in effect February 22nd.