The United Way of Upper Ohio Valley will soon be taking on fundraising efforts in Weirton as well as surrounding areas of Hancock County.

This comes after an announcement by the Weirton United Way to formally dissolve its local operation. That will take effect December 1, 2023.

In the meantime, the Weirton organization will transition all local fundraising to the United Way of the Upper Ohio Valley.

Officials with Weirton cite decline in population, increasing operational expenses and an overall  decline in charitable contributions.

Staci Stephen., Executive Director, United Way for the Upper Ohio Valley, said. ” The fact that they had to dissolve does not lead to Weirton not being served.”

The United Way of the Upper Ohio Valley is headquartered in Wheeling. They are the primary 

agency covering Brooke, Ohio, Marshall, Tyler and Wetzel Counties, as well as Belmont 

County in Ohio.

Their Weirton office will be located at the Convention & Visitors Bureau on Main Street.