The Hancock County Sheriff’s Office is looking for a Weirton man involved in the hit and run of 7-year-old JoJo Green on Kings Creek Road.

Deputies have an arrest warrant for Paul White.

The Hancock County Sheriff’s Office says the Ohio County Sheriff’s Office executed a search warrant in Triadelphia, where they believe White is staying.

At the residence, deputies found the motorcycle they believe was involved in the hit-and-run along with the broken headlight already taken off the motorcycle.

“You have to thank the citizens for all the information. We got a lot of tips and I have to appreciate my guys that worked it because they filtered a lot of tips, a lot of different names they had to go through and they went through them all and they ruled them out. I appreciate the people calling in because without them, we may not have any of this information.”

Sheriff Scott Gittings – Hancock County Sheriff’s Office

Anyone with information should contact the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office at 304-564-39111 or the Hancock County 911 center.

Chief Deputy Todd Murray says he received the call around 2:40 PM Friday that a child had been struck by a motorcycle, and the driver fled the scene. 

Chief Deputy Murray says the 7-year-old boy sustained serious injuries and was life-flighted to Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital.

Officials say the boy, Joey Green, is doing much better and is on the road to recovery. They don’t have a timeframe for when he will be released from the hospital.