HARRISON COUNTY, OH (WTRF)–The Harrison Central Huskies have punched their ticket to the state tournament for the second time in school history. 

After making an incredible comeback against Wheelersburg in the regional title game last week, the Huskies are putting in work to prepare for their semifinal match up against Heath High School on Friday.  

Head Coach Mike Valesko says in that regional title game, the Huskies never gave up.  

After several injuries had left them with a hole in their roster, one senior stepped up to the mound.  

“Unfortunately, you can’t defend walks and hit batters. It’s definitely not the recipe for success to fall down 6-0, 7-0 after the 2nd but the guys just kept batting and kept play and found a way at the end there.

We kind of hand to shift some guys around and then Treston has become our number one moving from catcher to go pitch for us. I think it’s just a testament to the staff that we have and the depth that we have that we are able to get over those injuries and still be I the position that we are in right now.”  

Mike Valesko, Harrison Central Head Coach  

“We thought well I can throw a strike down to second base from behind the plate so why not minimize the distance by half and throw a strike from the mound to home, so I really just took it in stride. I’m not trying to do too much out there. I’m just trying to keep a level head and just complete.” 

Treston Nemeth, Harrison Central Pitcher

Nemeth says making it to the state tournament means everything to him and his team.  

Their upcoming opponent are 22-8, while the Huskies are 19-12 overall. 

Harrison Central will fight for a spot in the division three state championship this Friday at Canal Park in Akron.  

Game time is 7 p.m.