Good news for the Cadiz Police Department.

They received close to $30,000 in grant funds from Governor DeWine.

The money will be going towards the retention of officers in the village.

It will help give them an incentive to stay there.

A few years ago they were not able to find officers to work and officials don’t want that to happen again.

They will be getting a bonus and hopefully another reason to stay and work in Cadiz.

Lt. Ron Carter says the officers are the heartbeat of the department and they deserve the bonus.

“We love working for the village of Cadiz. It’s a hometown community but with the rising fuel costs and the rising costs of everything across the board, this will help offset for our officers to get to work and provide for their families.”

Lt. Ron Carter – Cadiz Police Department

Currently, they have eight full time officers and might be looking to hire another one in the future.