Harrison County, OH (WTRF)- Ohio Governor Mike DeWine is paving the way for those behind bars in communities across the state.

It’s back by $50 million.

The impacts of it can be felt in Harrison County. It’s getting $9.1 million of the grant funding. That’s going toward a new state-of-the-art jail they’re building.

The sheriff says this jail will have mental health and drug and alcohol dependency counseling, and other educational opportunities. But not only that. The Sheriff also says they won’t have to transport their prisons anymore. That in itself will put more deputies out patrolling the road.

The Governor himself says this new jail is needed now more than ever.

“Just talking to sheriffs, finding out the challenges they have… we started looking at this, and frankly we saw some Real big needs in some of our smaller counties. Counties that frankly could not afford to build a new jail, and so we got to try to help call man what you’re seeing today is the result of that.”

Gov. Mike DeWine, (R)-Ohio

The jail is also planned to be a 60-bed facility, but the Sheriff says that could change. Right now, the jail is projected to cost $12.5 million in all.

The jail is expected to break ground in January.