After years of talk of a new stage in Cadiz, the wait is over!

Officials broke ground Thursday morning for the New Sally Buffalo Park stage!

Soon this space will be a brand new outdoor stage where music lovers can come hear great performances.

Organizers also want to open the space up to the new school in Harrison County, so students can hold concerts.

They say the possibilities are endless with this stage.

“It’s been a really fun project something challenging and different for me from a construction standpoint but I’ve been around music my whole life and I had some great resources to tap into to give me some advice on some things that we need to do, some finer points, so we can pull this thing right.”

Mark Puskarich – Volunteer Planner/Coordinator

It’s going to be about 45 ft. across the front with two pillars on each side, 32 ft. deep covered with a sloped roof.

This more than half a million dollar project was made possible through local donors and state funds.

“It’s a project that really needs to happen. So I t’s exciting fact like I said earlier we’re going to try to see if we can get some more capitol bill money here very quickly because I believe that you know the money will be put to good use and will do what it’s supposed to do.”

Rep. Don Jones – Ohio (R) District 95

Encino Energy launched their community partnership program in 2019 in Harrison County and they say they are thrilled to be helping out with another project in the area.

“To see this become a reality, it’s just transformational to be able to get back and frankly rebuild a lot of the area and really take us into the new you know world of technology and you know just being able to get outside again is really exciting.”

Jackie Stewart – Encino Energy Director of External Affairs

Eventually they’ll add a back stage area and restroom facilities.

They hope to have phase one of the stage complete by summer with Blues for a cure kicking off the first of many concerts this season.