MPLX in Cadiz held their 4th annual Memorial Day Remembrance ceremony Thursday.

Members of the American Legion, Harrison Central High School, and MPLX were a part of the event.

Congressman Bill Johnson and Senator Hoagland addressed the crowd.

It was a day to honor and remember those past and present who served our country and made the ultimate sacrifice.

“Honoring our veterans and our heroes that have passed that on that stood the line and kept the Wolf at Bay. I think it’s important that we recognize that and as a company I think we take a lot of pride and what we do with the community when it comes to our veterans, when it comes to our fallen heroes.”

Dan Depenhart – MPLX Operations Sr. Manager

“It’s important that people like me go out and tell our stories. It’s also extremely difficult in the same timeframe because as I’m standing there talking I’m thinking you know to me all the faces of my buddies you know that didn’t make it back, there’s just so many of them and that really hits home it cuts to the bone.”

State Sen. Frank Hoagland – Ohio (R)

MPLX employees say they will continue this event indefinitely and they thank the Veterans for their service!