NEW PHILADELPHIA, Ohio (WTRF) — They may rust and they may sputter, but the world was built on the backs of these old machines.

The Ohio Antique Power Club held its 5th annual show and Fall Gathering Saturday at the Harrison Coal and Reclamation Historical Park.

Featuring decades-old construction and transportation machinery, the group calls it a hobby that combines history with mechanical know-how.

It’s also a chance for collectors to show their equipment to those who may not know it existed—and spark the memories of those who remember it from decades ago.

It’s very much a living museum, just a little bit different. And although our living things are these big pieces of heavy equipment that were used to do everything from haul coal to overburden and everything you could imagine.

Dustin Welch, President, Harrison Coal and Reclamation Historical Park

I get to go all over the place and do this, I’ve traveled all over the state of Ohio, traveled into Pennsylvania, I’ve got tons of friends that do this from across the country, I just really enjoy the equipment and what it does.

Adam Lang, Operator and mechanic

The equipment ranges in age from the late 1980s to 1932, so you can imagine how difficult it can be to replace the parts.

The engines will rev back up Sunday at 9 a.m.