A grade school girl’s basketball team said they were forced to forfeit their game, after they were up 14 points, due to what the coach says ‘continual and unacceptable bothering of officials by some of their fans.’

On Wednesday, the 8th grade Harrison Central Lady Huskies were against the Union Local Jets at Union Local.

Head Coach Smith of the Lady Huskies said that ladies worked too hard to get the game out of their hands and that the fan’s behavior was disheartening to witnesses.

Coach Smith also went on to praise the officials and said the officiating crew was right in their decision and the ladies have to deal with the outcome.

‘We teach our players to be accountable for their actions and that is exactly what happened this evening,’ said Coach Smith.

Coach Smith finished his statement by saying, ‘I hope that in the future, we will focus on cheering on our young ladies with support and encouragement. We can do better.’

You can read the full statement here.