Harrison County, OH (WTRF)-The Volunteer Firemen’s Association ‘okayed’ a proposal to help find volunteers for Bowerston’s Fire and EMS unit.

Officials tell 7News that finding volunteers for fire and EMS services has been a struggle across the country, and Harrison County is no exception. So, this proposal is meant to make up for that loss. It involves staffing the fire station 12 hours a day 7 days a week.

Officials believe it will do a lot for the Bowerston Volunteer Fire Department and even more for the people of Harrison County by building a reliable ambulance.

EMS Captain Adam Reardon is especially pleased with the outcome.

“The biggest thing I take from this is every single department in Harrison County showed up to have this conversation. The fact that they support just shows the good working relationship that we’ve worked hard in our agency to build with our neighbors.”

Adam Reardon, EMS captain at Bowerston Volunteer Fire Department

Reardon says the next steps involve working with the County Commission. Commissioners will help in determining how much revenue is needed and how they will recruit new staffing outside the agency.