NEW ATHENS, Ohio-(WTRF) The time was 4:55 PM in the afternoon on Thursday in New Athens, Ohio and it sounded like a train rolling down the tracks blowing through town, but instead it was a tornado that shocked residents like Nancy Martin.   

New Athens resident Nancy Martin says, “I mean what can I say. It could have been a whole lot worse. Up that way is a whole lot worse.”

Martin, who lives on Route 9, is describing the destruction the tornado left on McFarland Road.

Tina Whittaker was just returning from the vet with her cat, who was in the car beside her.

Whittaker says, “I pulled up here to see what that horrible noise was and I reached down and turned my phone off. I drove right here and I stopped here. Thank God I stopped here because if I wouldn’t the telephone pole in the road would have got me. God works in mysterious ways and there’s a lot of people who got it worse than I did.” 

It certainly is a sight to see.

A shed that once stood behind a New Athens resident’s home was tossed 25 yards.

Devin Kalinowski was eating his dinner when his uncle told him to hunker down.

Kalinowski says he felt like he was in a movie grabbing his pets, just like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, hanging on for dear life. 

He adds, “I went to the hallway in the house thought it was the safest thing to do. I kept the animals there too.”

A telephone pole laying in the middle of McFarland Road is just one of many to be taken down in the tornado, flattened in just seconds.

Siding off of homes, trees in residents lawns, debris everywhere. 

Clean up is already underway and crews will be working for weeks, but residents, like Martin, appreciate and acknowledge just how grateful she is.

According to Martin, “Thankful, I haven’t heard of anyone to be hurt. So, that’s just one to be thankful for and to say Amen.”