Cadiz, Ohio (WTRF) – There are 75 voices speaking up for rural America in the House of Representatives—and today they made their way to the Ohio Valley.

Congressman Bill Johnson hosted members of the Congressional Western Caucus at the Mine Safety Training Center in Cadiz.

Johnson says its members stretch from California to the Midwest, and work on policies to help America re-achieve energy independence.

He points out that Ohio gets nearly 40 percent of its electricity from coal, and is worried we’ll have to look elsewhere for energy if mines continue to shut down.

We’ve got coal and oil and gas resources here in America to meet our baseload electric requirements. We don’t need to stop using fossil fuel power generation until other sources of energy become mature enough to handle that baseload and right now they’re just not there.

Rep. Bill Johnson, (R)-Marietta

Johnson and the caucus want to push the Biden Administration away from what he calls an attack on fossil fuels.

He says the cost of energy is one of the biggest drivers of inflation.