The Village of Cadiz denied a zoning request for a proposed housing project during Thursday night’s council meeting. 

Council unanimously voted against it. 

But what does this mean? 

The Village of Cadiz shut down a proposed multi-million dollar housing project. 

The proposal involves a multi-family unit on Spring and North Street. It would be home to children coming out of foster care, veterans who are at risk of becoming homeless and anyone else in need of housing. But the area in question has always been zoned for single-family housing and council voted against rezoning that land after the proposal faced a lot of push back. 

The first to speak was concerned for the people who’d live there. 

“Everybody deserves a second chance, but they deserve a second chance some where they’re going to be proper in life. It’s not fair to them and it’s not fair to us.”

Concerned resident

She explains the opportunities are few and far between for people.

“There’s no transportation here. There’s no colleges here. There’s no jobs here. What’s going to happen when we put these people down here? They have no jobs. They have no transportation. They’re going to be running around the streets here.” 

Concerned resident

Another upset resident nodded in agreement. 

The second resident backed the concerns up, and added she believes this proposal would require a lot of work to the area. 

“I think council needs to consider more than just a change to zoning. There are roadway and pedestrian improvements that need to be made to that area.” 

Another concerned resident

But Debra Yeater, who’s the lead of the project’s development team, defends it. 

She believes it’s good for the community but worries people are misled by the wrong information out there. She say some believe it’s a drug rehabilitation center, an idea which she quickly shut down. 

“I think that there’s a lot of misinformation out there, and I think if people really take time to educate themselves on the project and really put their emotions aside, I think it would be something that the community could get behind.” 

Debra Yeater, Executive Director of the Harrison Metropolitan Housing Authority

While many have strong opinions on this, the mayor is indifferent.  

“To me personally, I’m not really for it or against it.”

Mayor John Migliori, Village of Cadiz

And so, Migliori, along with councilmembers, heard everyone out and denied the zoning request, which leaves the proposed property to stay a single family residential area.

If the development team had other properties in mind, council says they might reconsider the proposal.