(WTRF) – As the pandemic continues, parents, friends, family and community members need to be on the lookout for warning signs of suicide in children.

It can come in the form of visiting, calling or texting to say goodbye. A child in need of help could also be looking for ways to die, withdraw or isolate themselves and give away prized possessions.

Someone who is struggling with suicidal thoughts may also have feelings of worthlessness and hopelessness among other signs.

Local doctors say recognizing those red flags and intervening before it happens could save their life.

Research has shown that talking about suicide does not increase the risk of suicide. So, please talk to your child directly about suicide and in a caring, loving, non-threatening manner. Be sure to let them know that you are there for them.

Dr. Nihit Gupta, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist

Gupta said this is a critical issue and as the COVID numbers increase so do the risks of child suicide.

He also said to contact your nearest healthcare provider and they will guide you on how you can help.