Childhood suicide rates are on the rise, even among shockingly young children.

A new study shows suicide is the 8th leading cause of death among children ages five through eleven.

Many of these deaths are linked to traumatic events, domestic violence, parental substance abuse or a family history of mental illness.

988 suicide hotline to launched in WV

DK Wright spoke with clinical psychologist Dr. Patricia Bailey about this tragic trend, and what can be done

Children face more pressure today than previous generations.

Bullying is not just in the cafeteria or on the playground.

But today kids, they’re faced with social media so they can be bullied 24-7, 7 days a week. and I think the attacks that are done via social media can be even a lot more severe.

Dr. Patricia Bailey, Clinical Psychologist, Wheeling

Signs of depression among children include social and emotional withdrawal, changes in sleeping or eating habits and a rise in trips to the school nurse with complaints like stomach aches or headaches.

Dr. Patricia Bailey says people buy into suicide myths they’ve heard for years, so they dismiss important signs.

First of all, the myth that if a child or an adolescent is talking about suicide, that they’re not really going to do it. And it’s attributed to them just being attention-seeking. And that’s not the case.

Dr. Patricia Bailey, Clinical Psychologist, Wheeling

She says many who talk about it, carry it out.

And those who talk about it, talk not to their parents, but to their friends.