OHIO COUNTY (WTRF) – Ohio County Schools was selected to present at the Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence Conference for educators and administrations across the country on their importance for school-based mental health. 

The BRSE program assists all schools in assessing the quality of their academic and instructional programs and in developing a school-wide action plan to ensure measurable student achievement. 

Ohio County Schools’ Leah Stout and Raquel McLoud got to share their practices for Ohio County with everyone, but they also heard ideas and implementations to elevate the student experience. 

”It makes you proud that we are kind of ahead of the curve helping with the mental health issues that our students face and knowing that we can help other school districts do the same type of things we are doing. It just, it makes you feel good that you’re spreading that knowledge and helping others.”

Raquel McLoud – Director of Student Services, Ohio County Schools

”Not only were we able to share our strengths with mental health, but we were able to see what other people were doing in the county. We were also able to learn about professional learning strategies that we can bring to our county. It’s always great to learn new information to share with our educators and our administrators and we did exactly that.”

Leah Stout – Special Education Director, Ohio County Schools

The Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence conference was in Orlando, Florida from November 26th to December 3rd

Some of the benefits we will already be seeing in Ohio County schools involve communication with students to make sure they feel as safe and comfortable at school as possible.