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WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) – It’s serious, sometimes difficult to discuss, but that makes it all the more important to talk about. 

Moms in Motion is starting one of those uncomfortable conversations right now, and that’s Mom’s mental health. 

Postpartum depression and anxiety can happen. Our experts at WVU Medicine Wheeling Hospital know this isn’t what Moms want to think about as they prepare for their little one or right after birth, but being prepared and knowing the warning signs is important.

Mental health struggles are serious, but there is help out there for you, Mom.

Family and friends have to do their part to help Mom as much as baby.

Nurses say they know that new baby is probably the sweetest thing you’ve ever seen, but before you cuddle them and focus all your attention there, don’t forget to ask Mom how she’s doing and how she’s feeling. Also, look for these signs.

Them being sad, tearful, anxious more than they’re used to, repetitive behaviors, but crying and tearfulness those are two things to look out for.

Alexis Anderson, Charge Nurse, WVU Medicine Wheeling Hospital

Take the time and really check on Mom. Family and friends are the support system she needs.

Moms, your new addition is all consuming in the best way possible, but you have to take care of yourself to care for baby. 

There’s such a shift in the first 24-hours that it’s so normal to cry and  to feel a little overwhelmed at first.

Alexis Anderson, Charge Nurse, WVU Medicine Wheeling Hospital

The first few days after birth, Moms can experience what’s called “Baby Blues”. 

We try to let Moms know if they’re feeling sad it’s normal, but if they feel like those feelings are getting overwhelming that they need to follow-up with their doctor.

Alexis Anderson, Charge Nurse, WVU Medicine Wheeling Hospital

If those feelings persist, it can turn into something much more serious like anxiety, OCD and depression. 

To and pre-empt any postpartum issues surround yourself with that support system. You can even do little things like eat right and get outside. They’re simple but they help. 

Also, don’t miss those doctors appointments. 

Anderson said she knows not all Moms are in a situation where a strong support system is possible, so that’s why they need to reach out to their doctor or even the hospital where baby was born because they can help connect them with the services they need.

Moms should know that it’s OK to ask for help.

Alexis Anderson, Charge Nurse, WVU Medicine Wheeling Hospital

If you are experiencing any of these feelings Moms there are lots of ways your doctor can help. You just may need some counseling. There are even medications a doctor can prescribe.

Please Moms don’t wait too long until you feel like you can’t keep going.

You are NOT alone.

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